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Letters to Skills Active

We have questions for you Skills Active..

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I am contacting you on behalf of our members at Yoga Alliance Professionals, the largest Yoga teacher training accrediting organisation in the UK. We currently have over four thousand teacher members and over 250 training schools registered with us.

For our members to make an informed decision regarding the proposed NOS initiative, we require more information than we presently have. We have been sent some generic literature, but our questions on more specific issues have remained unanswered. We have also requested minutes of the last meeting but were told that no minutes were taken. I would greatly appreciate if you could answer the questions below in as much detail as possible.
1. Ms. Caroline Larissey, head of Standards and Qualifications, has assured us that the proposed standards are neither legal nor obligatory for Yoga teachers to adhere to.

Can you please confirm this statement?
2. From your literature: ‘The initial approach for the development of a set of NOS for Hatha Yoga teachers was driven by several aspects:

· request from the sector to set a benchmark for the teaching of Hatha Yoga
· confusion of insurance providers regarding the standards for Yoga practice and what could be insured
· request for consistency of standards for teaching Hatha Yoga, across the UK to provide a clear benchmark for entry on to the SkillsActive Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

Please tell us exactly what ‘the sector’ means. Was it a specific organisation that approached you, and if so can you name it?

Please supply us with the list of insurance providers who are confused about standards.

Are you suggesting that the purpose of this initiative is to get Yoga teachers to join REPs?
3. From the Skills Active website: ‘The Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga will give you the knowledge and skills to plan, teach and evaluate safe, effective Yoga classes. It is the ideal qualification for the Level 2 Fitness Instructor.’

Will fitness instructors completing the above qualification be working to thesame standards as Yoga teachers who comply to the NOS?
4. ‘We are extremely keen to ensure that stakeholders from across the UK are fully represented to ensure that the ‘voice of Yoga’ is effectively captured.’

Please provide us with the list of all ‘stakeholders’ across the UK who are taking part in the consultation. How will you ‘capture’ the voice of Yoga? What criteria have you put in place to implement any consensus reached?
5. ‘SkillsActive will facilitate the process……to ensure the end results of the process accurately reflect the industry’s wishes, that our work can be easily read and understood and meets the needs of the Regulatory

How do you define ‘the industry’? Can you state categorically that you will respect and uphold the wishes of ‘the industry’? What are the regulatory bodies? Please list them.
6. In your literature you use the terms ‘Yoga’, ‘Hatha Yoga’ and the ‘pillars of Hatha Yoga’.

Please supply a working definition of these terms and clarify if you are setting standards for ‘Yoga’ or ‘Hatha Yoga’.
We look forward to your reply.