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Christopher Gladwell

Skills active
It is a crime against yoga to set standards based on a fallacy.
Yoga is not a movement practice though it included body based work. It is a practice of self-development, self-awareness and cultivating clarity in daily life.

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and utilise these skills in my teaching. I use mindfulness as part of mindfulness of movement practice and meditation. My meditation teaching everyone is still. Mantra teaching and prayer is done sitting and is all about intention and vibration. My deep relaxation practices are all about surrender and stillness.
How can you create national occupational standards for what you have no remit for?
How can BWY with integrity seek this as a potential outcome?

As a senior UK teacher I will resist all such moves as they are, which, with due respect, are farcical.
I was a BWY DCT (diploma course tutor) and education committee member. I left for very good reason. One reason being moves like these which are constantly seeking to give BWY the authority they don't have in the yoga world.

Not many yoga practitioners respect the BWY. They do not warrant the capacity or status to pursue such outcomes.

Respectfully Christopher Gladwell (Engaged Yoga)