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True news - facts & supporting evidence

I recently published an article highlighting potential conflicts of interest for parties involved in the development of a National Occupational Standard (NOS) for yoga in the UK. In response to the article, an official statement from Paul Fox, Chair of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) was published on the BWY News Facebook page. The statement contains a number of inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the contents of my article. Below is a summary of points from the statement I wish to address: Read More…

Regulation, Appropriation & Gatekeepers of the NHS

All has been quiet on the NOS front these past few months and many of us had assumed that the unpopular move to create a minimal yoga teaching qualification had come to no avail. The government have now dropped their funding and support for Skills Active (SA), the organisation responsible for implementing the qualification, and the company looks likely to become obsolete in the near future. Read More…

Standardising the Non-standard

A recent proposal from the organisation, Skills Active (SA) to create a ‘National Occupational Standard’ (NOS) within the field of teaching yoga has ignited a wave controversy in the UK. Many teachers are questioning the expertise of Skills Active to implement a standard for the branch of yoga they have specifically targeted: ‘Hatha Yoga’: Read More…