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No-Sense: SkillsActive & BWY - do they dream the same dream?

I am being asked repeatedly to explain what is happening with the NOS (the BWY initiated and funded National Occupational Standard for Yoga being proposed by SkillsActive), so despite my saying I was going to have a day off, I have decided that it might be easier for me to post a summary of the slides from the NOS meeting so that everyone can see what is going on, which might stop them asking me about it!  Read More…

A call for Paul Fox,to step down as chair of the British Wheel of Yoga

Debbie is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and former BWY DCT

Paul, as a BWY teacher & active member of over 15 years, I feel very saddened that you chose not to put a senior BWY teacher on that REPS panel and instead are choosing to hand over these important decisions about yoga to a corporation with so little knowledge of yoga and so little care for its integrity that they are already accrediting 5 & 6 day yoga teacher training programmes through their fitness NOS. Read More…

The dangers of teachers who know too much

Accreditation & certification can give teachers the impression that they know for sure what is right & wrong. They might think they know how every joint works in every body, or that they know how each person feels & relates to sensation & pain. Read More…

Why calling people unyogic is unyogic..

OK yoga world, you are grown up enough to hear this now... Another reason why I am against the NOS & why I don't care if you think I am unyogic because of this! Read More…

Setting standards or improving quality or Improving Quality?

As the question of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for UK yoga teachers raises its head after a 12 year absence, the question I find myself asking is; will setting standards improve the quality of yoga teaching? Read More…