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October 2016

Yoga is Dangerous...but not the way we're being told!

This week began with the proverbial storm in a tea-cup as the British public were warned we are in danger from… Yoga! On Monday’s Today programme the British Wheel of Yoga’s chairman, Paul Fox, claimed that teachers without sufficient training are giving Yoga classes. What has since emerged is that the British Wheel, one of the wealthiest Yoga organisations in the UK, is funding Skills Active, a quango, to create a National Occupational Standard for Yoga ~ to protect and keep us all safe in Down Dog. Read More…

The BWY and an NOS: Up To Standard?

Simon is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and former BWY DCT

The long view of the British Wheel of Yoga - trying to claim Yoga teaching as its sole prerogative - will see this as no more than a tiny pimple of greed that will burst soon enough! Read More…

Why calling people unyogic is unyogic..

OK yoga world, you are grown up enough to hear this now... Another reason why I am against the NOS & why I don't care if you think I am unyogic because of this! Read More…

Regulating Yoga Teachers? How About Regulating Yoga Cults, First?

Is yoga a sport? A therapy? A religion?
If you’re not a yoga insider and you listened to British Wheel of Yoga Director Paul Fox and British Hindu monastic Swami Ambikananda joust over these questions on BBC this Monday (time cue 2:50), you’d be none the wiser. Their prickly duet sang of a subculture-turned-industry that not only can’t decide which of the three it is, but for decades has based its mystique on the tensions between them. Read More…

Setting standards or improving quality or Improving Quality?

As the question of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for UK yoga teachers raises its head after a 12 year absence, the question I find myself asking is; will setting standards improve the quality of yoga teaching? Read More…

The Regulation of Yoga

Despite the clear rebuttal of the last proprietorial attempt to establish regulatory standards for yoga, the same organisation, driven by the same individual, wants to try it again. Yet it has not only been made clear both by teachers of yoga and the majority of training schools, but it has also been recognised by disinterested parties, that such an eventuality would actually be in nobody’s favour. Not even those who are trying to establish a self serving grip on what is and always has been a very personal, individual journey. The essence of this journey is the internalisation of responsibility and authority. Read More…

Who gets to control what yoga is?

Money. Standards. Standardisation. Governing bodies. Who gets to control what yoga is?

Part of what's fueling this fight is a misconception - that there are thousands of barely trained yoga teachers coming out every year (which is possibly true), from sub-standard trainings making pots of money (which is less true). Read More…