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Are the British Wheel of Yoga qualified to develop an NOS?

Simon is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and former BWY DCT

Do the British Wheel of Yoga Committees' members hold the appropriate qualifications required to organise, train and administer a National Occupational Standard for Yoga Teacher Training?

For example, in order to demonstrate the necessary, nationally recognised, authority in professional educational standards a significant number of Committee Members would need to hold a degree or masters level qualification (PGCE or M.Ed) in Education. That would be the minimum, starting requirement. A degree or masters level qualification in Yoga philosophy would be another necessary qualification, as would a similar level qualification in Sports Science.

Additionally, the various Committee Members would need to be internationally recognised as masters of a wide range of Yoga styles. In other words, they would need to be recognised internationally, by their global peers, as the leading practitioners and teachers of their style of Yoga in the UK. Recognition by their fellow BWY members would NOT count! How many Committee Members - especially those responsible for training Diploma Course Tutors and for organising Post-Diploma Modules - hold a PGCE or M.Ed? How many hold a degree or masters in Yoga philosophy? How many hold a degree or masters in Sports Science? How many are genuinely recognised - by their global peers - as the leaders of an international school of Yoga? How many Iyengar masters? How many Ashtanga masters? How many Sivananda masters, etc?

Organising, training and administering a National Occupational Standard in Teaching Yoga (NOS) would require an exceptionally high degree of professional, educational and administrative expertise. It would also require an encyclopaedic knowledge and a wide practical experience of all aspects of anatomy, philosophy and schools of Yoga. Finally, it would demand demonstrable skills in unifying ALL Yoga teachers and students in the UK. Do all those people at the top of the BWY possess this skill-set? I think not. The BWY Teachers' Diploma and BWY DCT training - as internal BWY qualifications - do NOT count as qualifications for assuming authority for the administration of a unified national occupational standard.

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